Meat or veggie?” The grillmaster asked. “…what? Meat OF COURSE” the manly man replied.

This played out right in front of me at a fundraiser barbecue and made me realize: veggie still has an image problem. The bearded beer-drinking man eats his meat. The vegetarian? Probably a tree-hugging leftist.

The Vegetarian Butcher solves this problem by making meat products made of not meat.


Business as usual is over. We all have one priority client: Earth.

Allbirds set the example yesterday, as they gave away their Carbon Footprint measurement tools for free. We used to call that proprietary information, and sharing it would mean risking market share. Today, we should all cooperate to win…

When business growth equals a shrinking environmental or social issue, something magical happens. It’s like combining sweet and salty for the first time: it feels contradictory, but it tastes delicious. If you want to be successful in business and build a better world, hear me out.

Too Good To Go…

Maxim Bos

I write about business as a force for good.

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